Memory Interference is a psychological incident that occurs when one memory is mistakenly replaced with another during recall. To make this unseen phenomenon visible, I distressed an 8mm movie reel of my childhood memories by reticulating the Kodachrome film using pressurized steam to melt the emulsion layer and permanently lift and warp the film substrate. By digitally animating a merger of the distressed and original footage, my goal is to represent the way memory breaks down over time until the recall of it is a surreal and fragmented version of the original event, no longer a trustworthy retelling.
I still exist in the detached layers of emulsion, yet remain suspended above the substrate—fractured and out-of-body—like a memory interfered.
ABOVE: Original animation with sound, 2020. 
BELOW: Modified version for the Night Lights Denver exhibition, Synchronous Orbits, curated for Women's History Month by Sharifa Moore, Executive Director of Denver Digerati, March 2022. 

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