Nostalgia is a powerful phenomenon that can lead to complicated emotions. My current work navigates its intricacy by exploring memory function, personality development, and complex psychology through an interaction with personal archives. By recontextualizing 8mm home movies, snapshots, negatives, voice recordings, and other artifacts, I attempt to understand humanity through the visual legacy we leave behind. Themes of grief, loss, abandonment, and legacy are explored by documenting abandoned dwellings as archives on a larger scale. 
     While my foundation is in photography, I utilize my background in installation to combine sculpture, assemblage, sound, video, projection, and other media to create immersive visual experiences. No medium or technique is off-limits. In my intuitive approach, I challenge myself to be vulnerable and take creative risks, which allows me to remain unbeholden to a particular outcome. My goal is to incite curiosity and nostalgia in viewers through innovative and thoughtful artworks.
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